There are Global Survey Panels now ready to pay you cash for taking online surveys!

If you have ever wanted a way to earn extra cash from home, for free, then you are in the right place . You can do just that by filling out simple online surveys. It doesn’t matter where you live in this world of ours.


How do I get access to free Global Survey Panels?

We have identified legitimate survey panels from all over the world and provide these for free (Never pay for this information – Like I did  take my advice) Just select your Country on the left hand Site and sign up to any of the legitimate Survey Companies.

Why would I get paid for filling out an online survey?

Companies from all over the world invest millions of dollars into marketing every year. They want to make sure that the next product they launch in there target area will be a success and make money. So they ask people like me and you to give them our opinion.

So this is done through simple online Surveys , For each and every one of these surveys you complete you are rewarded for your time..

Does this really Work?

Yes! You really get paid , I have received vouchers, Paypal payments and direct check and bank payments totaling thousands of dollars all for taking the time to share my opinion. There are many people from all over the Globe who have taken advantage of these free survey panels.

Who am I

My name is Simon, a regular person like you, who was looking for a way to earn some extra cash from home to pay off some extra bills . I wasn’t trying to get rich, but I knew I wanted a way to earn a few extra dollars.

After coming across this opportunity during my research, I decided to give it a try. All I had to do was join some survey sites and fill out simple surveys to earn cash.

So I started taking surveys and guess what? I started getting regular checks, Paypal payments, vouchers and rewards.

I got ripped off by a company who sold me this information so I wanted to give it away for free.

OK. How Can I Make Money Taking Surveys?

Now that you know that you can take online surveys for money and actually get paid, you may be wondering how you can start. Like I said earlier, it is pretty easy to get started. Here are the basic steps to get started.

*Go get a free PayPal account so that you can get paid. Many survey panels use PayPal as a payment option.

Step 1

Sign up to 1-5 paid survey panels. Check what they offer.  Cash, gift cards, prizes, and other non-cash rewards or combination.

You will only find in the Global Survey Panel

Survey Groups that are

» 100% free to join
» Trusted & Tested – Proven Legitimate

Step 2

Once you have signed up to a few reputable survey panels, take the time to complete the profile surveys on each panel. These profile surveys will help you get more survey invitations.

Survey companies want to know a little information about you so that they can send out surveys that match your demographics and profile. If you don’t do this step, you will find that you won’t get that many survey invitations. It make sense to fill this in rather than wasting you time starting surveys that tell you you are not eligible to complete.

Step 3

Check to see if there are any available surveys to take on each survey site. Before you actually take any surveys, look at the compensation for each survey and start by doing the higher paying surveys first.  Most survey sites will tell you how long the survey will take, fit it into you lifestyle.

Step 4

After you have done some surveys, just wait until you get more surveys to do. Check your email regularly because survey invitations are often sent to the email account your registered on the site with.

That’s all there is to it. Its a simple way to make some money on the side.

Sign up to free survey panels, complete surveys, reach the minimum amount needed for payout by taking surveys, and request your Money, Voucher or Check.


1. Never pay anything

Companies pay you for your opinion, Never pay to join or buy products from companies.

2. Its not a get rich solution

It might pay a bill or buy some little luxuries but will never replace a day job

3. Have Fun

Share your opinion and enjoy getting rewarded for your time